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What are the trophies?

There are official framed author trophies available to purchase from Nielsen Book, with multiple copies of the same trophy for publishers/editors/agents etc. available at a discount. All prices are available upon application from 

What about historical individual title awards made between 2001 & 2016?

Many Platinum and Gold awards have been presented to authors by publishers and agents over the last 15 years. If any have not yet been presented, or if Silver awards are now eligible, framed trophies and replicas can be ordered. Sales have to be authenticated by Nielsen Book but a 25% discount applies to pre-Jan 2016 trophies and replicas ordered.

What happens at the Nielsen Bestseller Award launch & when is it?

The Nielsen Bestseller Awards Ceremony takes place in Central London in January each year. There is a short ceremony outlining the bestselling milestones achieved by a number of authors throughout the previous year plus trophy presentations to the very biggest authors of the year. This annual celebratory occasion is attended by an audience of key executives from the book industry: publishers, booksellers, librarians, agents and authors.

Are Award stickers produced that can be utilised by publishers?

Yes, official logos will be licensed free of charge to publishers from Agile Ideas in sticker artwork form, along with a logo usage guide and official styling for ‘Nielsen Bestseller Award’ copy lines to be printed on the books if reprinted. Logos are also available for franking machines, catalogues, websites etc.

Please contact for sticker artwork.