What is the purpose of the Nielsen Book Silver, Gold & Platinum Awards?

The record industry has had its own very successful awards based on Nielsen sales data for over five decades and they have proved to be a positive marketing tool. The book industry’s Bestseller Awards are now being re-launched to reward outstanding sales through the UK book trade and to celebrate the biggest bestselling authors. Nielsen Book is THE official recorder of book sales with accurate retail tracking through Nielsen BookScan and robust data for the whole of the 21st Century. In addition, e-book tracking through Nielsen PubTrack Digital means Nielsen Book can now measure sales comprehensively to recognise true bestsellers through all editions.

The endorsement of a Silver, Gold or Platinum Bestseller Award, marketed through online and offline channels and highlighted through stickers on the books themselves, is a recognised endorsement for consumers that will provide additional confidence in making purchase decisions, leading to further sales among those book-buyers who need reassurance to trial new authors. The Awards provide a quantifiable standard for ‘bestseller’ status for book blurbs and marketing rather than subjective bestseller claims.